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-​Ministry Needs-

As a small yet growing ministry we realize we cannot answer all the questions a person may have. We want to refer you to sites that have become large enough to help others out in time of crisis.  

1-800-needhim  Click here for online help with free chat.  

​Jesus Ministries 1-661-952-9207


"Love" book written by Dale Lee Gordon click here!  

"Love" book free version click here!  


I bless 18 Christian orphans alive in Pakistan:  They always are in need of help.  Their website which I also host is at: Children's Ministries Pakistan.  Here is another link to direct you to a site that touches on teen and even adult challenges.  Click here for that site.  

Contact Us
Thanks any amount helps. Please pray to God before sending any amount.  If you wish to send a larger amount through paypal you may use the right link to donate any amount.  The right link is more direct.