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​Here are forty biblical based verses on evangelizing along with the Jesus movie you may watch online in 1500 languages.  Click here for that site.  

We are including the following number here and on our contact page, because we know the importance of accepting Christ.  You may talk to a person at 1-800-needhim  You may also reach their website by clicking here!  Their site includes a free chat line.  This is a great website and phone number for someone struggling to come to Jesus or maybe does not know the first step as a new Christian.  

​(1Co 8:1) Now as touching things offered unto idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.

Here it is; the Bible speaking on knowledge.  While each person we meet has a certain level of knowledge we know that knowledge "puffeth" up.  Puff here is a King James word but rather than get frustrated and throw out this verse from the King James let us explain it from the original Bible's Greek language.  

From G5449 in the primary sense of blowing; to inflate, that is, (figuratively) make proud (haughty): - puff up.

In this verse the word "charity" comes from the Greek word:

From G25; love, that is, affection or benevolence; specifically (plural) a love feast: - (feast of) charity ([-ably]), dear, love.

​Here we see the word edifieth from the original Greek.

From the same as G3619; to be a house builder, that is, construct or (figuratively) confirm: - (be in) build (-er, -ing, up), edify, embolden.

It seems from 1 Corinthians 8:1 sometimes we can use knowledge as a weapon that tears down and destroys.  Charity or "love" (Translated love from 1560 Geneva Bible.) edifies or builds up.  You have a choice in life rather to use knowledge to build or destroy, or love to help build character and to bless.